Transmission Towers

Transmission Towers are manufactured in our Industry for transmission of bulk power by utilities and transmission companies around the world. Quick and accurate manufacturing using latest CNC Machine ensures manufacturing of Lattice type Towers that are assembled quickly at site with no mismatches.

We manufacture towers for all application and types.       

Tension towers, Suspension Towers, Dead end Towers, Terminal Towers, Tower Extensions, Transposition Towers, Angle tower, Double Circuit Towers, Multi Circuit Towers, Special Towers for Rail crossing, Road Crossing and River Crossings are manufactured in house.

We have large area to do proto assembly when new type of towers are designed and manufactured.

Our towers are used for 20kV, 22kV, 33kV, 63kV, 66kV, 90kV, 132kV, 220kV, 225kV 330kV, 400kV, 765kV, HVDS or any other voltage requirement as required by the client.

Our manufacturing works is approved by GETCO for Towers upto 400kV.

Towers are Hot Dip Galvanised (Zinc Coat) as per Indian and International Standard with uniform high quality finish. As per client’s requirements, Tower members are also painted as per country standards for Aerial safety.