About Us


Our manufacturing works is spread over 16 acres of land in Industrial area with supporting industries and vendors in close proximity. We have our own inhouse design, fabrication and Galvanising facility.

Groovefab International creates value for its customers by constantly Innovating, employing latest production and design technologies, improving the quality of its products through use of its domain knowledge. We value relationship with partners who are expert in their specific field of operation and particular about quality and finesses.

We derive strength from our Directors and Key Managerial Staff who have good academic qualification, vast experience as at senior positions as CEO with companies in domestic and international market for products catering to Transmission Towers, Distribution utility Structures, Railway Electrification, Street Light Poles and Monopoles, Telecom and industrial infrastructure deployment and EPC Projects.


To forge enduring and prosperous relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers through our commitment to innovation, high quality, technology, superior value and exceptional service.

Continue to add value-added products and services to its offerings

To continue to add newer geographical territories to its existing market

To raise the environmental awareness of all concerned and encourage their engagement in initiatives aimed at achieving a more sustainable society.


To be First Choice Supplier of our customer for its manufacturing and Installation services and create value for its stakeholders.