GROOVEFAB INTERNATIONAL  is a leading Pre-Engineered steel Building manufacturer. We are pre-engineered steel building manufacturers for all kinds of sectors such as industrial, government, commercial, and residential. We are engaged in offering innovative pre-engineered steel Buildings that are precisely developed according to the specifications detailed by our clients. Our team has years of experience and working around the clock to ensure every project is made with the highest level of customer satisfaction. We manufacture Pre-Engineered steel Building using premium quality materials that make our products highly durable and robust in nature. All of our Pre-Engineered steel Building manufacturers carefully design and execute according to clients' needs.

Our team of Pre-Engineered steel Building manufacturers are professionally structured and designed & possess smart detailing and appearance. The main benefit of our manufactured Pre-Engineered steel Building is the low capital amount, less maintenance, inherent resistance to earthquakes, faster construction time, and faster construction choice of layouts which helps you to reduce the overall cost and time. Our Pre-Engineered Steel Building manufacturers are known for their versatile steel structures, efficiency, high strength, low maintenance, smooth finish, and all-weather resistance, and longer functional life. Moreover, our Pre-Engineered steel Buildings are available at affordable prices for our customers. With all these excellences we are the most trusted Pre-Engineered steel Building manufacturers.

Technological innovation over the years has enhanced the quality of life through the introduction of new products and services. One such innovation in the construction industry was the Pre-Engineered building system.The concept of pre-engineered buildings originated in the U.S. in the 1960s. Almost 70% of the buildings in the U.S. are pre-engineered. The entire building is designed in the office and the building components are fabricated at a factory to exact size, transported to site in CKD (completely knock down condition) and assembled with bolted connections on site. These buildings are flexible enough to suit different dimensions and are easily expandable.Pre-engineered steel buildings (PEB) are steel structures built over a structural concept of primary members, secondary members, roof and wall sheeting connected to each other and various other building components. These buildings can be provided with different structural and non-structural additions such as skylights, wall lights, turbo vents, ridge ventilators, louvres, roof monitors, doors & windows, trusses, mezzanine floors, fascias, canopies, crane systems, insulation etc., based on the customer’s requirements. All the steel buildings are custom designed to be lighter in weight and high in strength. Thus steel building designs have become more flexible, durable and adaptable over the last four decades which has made steel one of the preferred materials for building construction.

Advantages of PEB

Higher Durability :-

Steel is a very light, strong and ductile metal. Being used as a primary material for PEB makes the building very tolerant towards environmental hazards like earthquakes and high wind speeds because steel has the ability to absorb such shocks and stay rigid as a structure

Low Maintenance :-

Steel building requires less maintenance since the resistance levels of steel are much higher and is able to withstand harsh conditions.

Cost Efficient :-

Being the fastest mode of construction, PEB reduces the overall project schedule by a great extent, saving money and helping achieve faster ROI

Faster construction :-

The main feature of a PEB is that its components are manufactured in a factory and then assembled onsite. This results in faster completion of buildings with higher precision.

Highly flexible :-

Steel, being a very versatile material, is able to bend, twist and stretch as required. This ability of steel enables it to be used for building with complex and modern structures making it aesthetically beautiful. 

Recyclable :-

Steel is 100% recyclable material. As PEB is a completely bolted structure, it gives flexibility to be dismantled and be reinstalled elsewhere.

Higher Longevity :-

PEB being made out of steel offers a particular non-porous texture as compared to RCC that doesn't allow any moisture content to pass through.

Classification of pre engineered buildings

  • Primary Members / Mainframes

Primary members are the main load carrying and support members of a pre-engineered building. The main frame members include columns, rafters and other supporting members. The shape and size of these members vary based on the application and requirements. The frame is erected by bolting the end plates of connecting sections together. All the steel sections and welded plate members are designed in accordance with the applicable sections as per the latest codes.

  • Secondary Members / Cold Formed Members

A purlin is a horizontal structure that is used in a roof to support the loads from the roof deck or sheathing. Catering to the demands of architecture or structural engineering, our purlins are supported by the principal rafters and/or building walls and steel beams. Z purlins & C purlins steel are typically propped off internal walls that are constructed from cold-formed steel, (or roll formed) sections that can be lapped and nested at the supports. We undertake fabrication and erection of these as per the specifications detailed by our clients.

  • Z Purlins

Z-Purlins are basically the Z sections made by tubes and angles that are used in roofing in the construction industry. These purlins steel are widely appreciated for their veracity and are extensively used in large sized roofing railway platforms, workshops, factory sheds, godowns and other industrial sheds.

  • C Purlins

We are capable of offering design, fabrication and erection services for C-Purlins steel that give a sturdy edge to the roof. These purlins are better and economical selection for erection purposes and are one of the most demanded services from our entire repertoire. We are instrumental in designing these purlins steel, z purlins steel, c purlins steel, purlins roof as per the inputs or drawing specified by our clients.

  • Roof & Wall Panels

The sheets are generally produced from steel coils having thickness 0.47 mm to 0.8 mm high tensile steel.

Pre-engineered buildings can be fitted with different structural accessories including mezzanine floors, canopies, fascia, interior partitions etc. the buildings are made water proof by use of special mastic beads, filler strips and trims. PEB’s can be finished internally to serve many functions and accessorised externally to achieve attractive and unique design styles.

  • Doors
  1.  Walk Way doors
  2.  Sliding Doors
  3.  Roll up Doors
  • Windows
  1. Turbo Air Vents
  2. Sky Lights.

Applications of peb

  1. Factories
  2. Warehouses
  3. showrooms 
  4. supermarkets 
  5. aircraft hangars
  6. metro stations 
  7. offices
  8. shopping malls 
  9. schools 
  10. hospitals
  11. community buildings
  12. cold storage
  13. car parking

Features of peb 

• Eco-friendly and excellent Thermoform ability.

• High impact resistance solid surface sheet.

• Excellent light transmission and high clarity.

• Good resistance to chemical and thermal shock.